Additional product documentation for a few of our products will be available shortly. If you are from a police department or correctional facilty and would like more information regarding your purchase from, please check here first. You will need Adobe Reader (a free downloadable program) to open and read the files. (You can download it here.)

Aedec Warranty


Product Brochures

Installation Documentation
Chrysler  2012+_Charger.pdf  CARCG121020 Charger Factory Belt
   2012+_Charger_Center_Belt.pdf  CARCG121220 Charger Center Belt
     SUVDG111210 Durango 2011
     CARCG17-4 Charger Door Panel
Ford  Ford_Interceptor_Sedan.pdf SUVIC1310 Factory Belt
   Ford_PI_SUV.pdf SUVIC1311 Center Belt
    SUVIC1312 Factory Belt no screen
    SUVIC1313 Center Belt no screen
    SUVEL1310 Factory Belt
    SUVEL1313 Center Belt No Screen
    CARFI121020 Sedan Factory Belt
    CARFI121220 Sedan Center Belt
     PUTF2131100 F250
    SUVED131210 Expedition
    SUVIC1700-4 Door Panel


 GM  Chevrolet_Caprice_PPV.pdf CARCP142 Caprice Factory Belt
    CARCP143 Caprice Center Belt
   Silverado.pdf PUTSV141210 Silverado Single Divider
   Silverado_Dual_Spacer.pdf PUTSV141220 Silverado Double Divider
    PUTSV151210 Silverado Single Divider
    PUTSV151220 Silverado Double Divider
   Modular_Chevy_Tahoe.pdf SUVTH1310 Tahoe Factory Belt
   Molded_Chevy_Tahoe.pdf SUVTH1311 Tahoe Center Belt
    SUVTH1312 Tahoe Factory Belt No Screen
    SUVTH1313 Tahoe Center belt No screen
    SUVTH1510 Tahoe Factory belt 2015
    SUVTH1511 Tahoe Center belt 2015
    SUVTH1513 Tahoe Center Belt No Screen
     SUVTH121100 Tahoe Half Seat
     SUVTH1700-4 Tahoe Door Panel
General Info  General_Seats.pdf General_Seats.pdf
    Vehicle Warning Sheet
Restraint Chair Restraint_Chair_Brochure.pdf